Ropieee RPI4 & Okto Research Dac8 Pro (Multiway DSP Speaker)

Hi there,

I am considering using an Okto Research Dac8 pro (or another class compliant multi channel USB DAC, I.e. Focusrite 18i20, etc) for a multiway active crossover, with Roon controlling PEQ and crossovers.

Will Ropieee XL support a multichannel USB dac? Or am I forced to have a PC running Roon server/core?

Just from personal experience, for pro audio interfaces it’s best to use a Windows Roon endpoint (doesn’t have to be Roon Core/Server) using ASIO driver.

A lot of interfaces say they are Class Compliant but I’ve ended up with pops and crackles using a Linux endpoint, including RoPieee XL. Ends up sounding like vinyl.

I use a Focusrite 18i20 for 3 way DSP crossover and love it. Excellent interface. And rock solid ASIO driver.

Amazing thanks for this information.
I currently use an RME ADI 2 FS with Ropieee XL perfectly, so I was curious if a multiway dac like the Focusrite would function on Ropieee XL.

Are you using the Roon software for crossovers?

I’ve used both Roon and HQPlayer and get pops with both using RoPieee and RoPieee XL and had the vinyl pops. With a few different pro audio interfaces.

I’ve settled on the Focusrite and love it.

The convolution is for both crossover and room EQ.

Ok, does the Focusrite change sampling rates ok, with content?
Also does the Focusrite offer an easy way to control output volume?

Since I’m doing a heap of DSP for convolution anyway, I just have everything up-sampled to PCM192kHz and use DSP volume control.

I do my volume control using Roon. I just set the Focusrite’s main volume knob to the max I’m likely to ever use and then use DSP volume control using Roon on an iPad.

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Can I ask, how are you routing a stereo Roon stream (I assume a PC roon end point connected via USB) to Ron’s individual convolution PEQ/output channels. Do you use the focusrite software to control this routing?

Can you please explain how this works using the focusrite.
Many thanks

With Roon it works like magic (for me).

I use Audiolense to generate the convolution files and you can choose a format to export in. Roon is one of those formats. It spits out one zip file and that’s what I upload in Roon.

And like magic it automatically routes to the correct channels…

Correct channels have already been (manually) set (and measured) in Audiolense beforehand of course… So it’s not really like magic but I say it is in comparison to setting up the convolution files in HQPlayer. That is not automatic and can be complex. I need to have the brain switched on for that.

So in my case Audiolense makes it really easy with Roon.

But depends what software you use.

Thanks for that information. Much appreciated. That helps my understanding considerably.
So the routing is done within the convolution filter.

Do you know if Roon has the ability to route the USB PC stream internally using Procedural EQ instead of Convolution Filters? I cant see any way of selecting the stream route (Stereo Roon endpoint USB) for individual channel processing to outputs.

Procedural EQ allows discrete output EQ, but I cant see how the input is routed to the processing output stage?

I am looking to setup a 3/4way active speaker, utilising Procedural EQ for crossover and correction.
I guess if convolution is the only method, I will need to purchase Audiolense.


No idea, only used Roon’s DSP briefly. I use HQPlayer for all DSP

There’s also Acourate ($) and REW+RePhase (free).

Never used those.

Each has their own forum, best to ask detailed questions about them there.

Although there’s quite a few REW users here on the Roon forum