RoPieee w/display as display only (not connected to DAC/used as zone)?

Can RoPieee (with the official Raspberry Pi touch display) be used just as a (remote) display while using another device (Bluesound Node 2i or RPI) as a Roon zone/endpoint?

Yes. The display can be associated with any valid Roon endpoint.

Perfect thanks.

Will the display automatically turn on/off as music is played/stopped on the roon system?

Yes, based on a time interval you configure. There is an option to enable a clock, which is how I have my displays set.

I’ve got it all setup but for the life of me I cannot get it to show up as a display in Roon. I have the Spockfish extension enabled. I don’t have it hooked up to a DAC so it doesn’t show up in Audio but it also doesn’t show up in Displays. I’ve tried changing the Roon Control Zone to match the bridge/endpoint that I wish to use it with but that didn’t help. Also tried rebooting my Roon Core server and the RPI.

The RoPieee display does not show up in the Roon application; it displays the information from associated Roon Control Zone as defined in the Display tab in RoPieee settings.

What does the display show now? Is there an error message?

Also, make sure the endpoint is spelled exactly the same (copy/paste to be sure).

The display was saying failure to connect or something like that. I got it working now. I removed the display zone name, saved, rebooted, then re-entered the zone name of the actual audio device (Allo USBridge player) and that did the trick.