RoPieee Wi-Fi and Hidden Networks/SSIDs

Hello, I’m writing this because I was curious on if it’s possible to connect RoPieee to a hidden wireless network?

Unless I’m doing something wrong, so far it seems that RoPieee only lets you connect to networks that aren’t hidden. I wonder if it’s possible to find some way to connect to hidden network with RoPieee or if that’s maybe in the plans for a future software update?

Also, here’s that thing I got from the feedback button, in case anyone wants to know; 9d8234a2063bfb5d

If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer.

As long as you know the Sid name (case sensitive I think) it should work, but @spockfish Harry would be the one to confirm

I’m not sure how? When Wi-Fi is enabled you get a list of available networks to pick, but because my network is hidden I don’t see it there.

Am I just missing something? There is a field that lets me type in the password, but no field to type in the SSID.

I have an airport extreme router so technically I can make a guest network as a workaround for this, but I’d still kind of prefer to have my hidden networks.

I’d try unhiding the network to join, and then hiding it back again afterwords. I wonder if this would work?

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I was about to suggest the same thing too

I tested this. Sadly it doesn’t work.

Maybe this whole thing isn’t important and maybe my own fault, but a wireless signal somehow kept getting into my Samsung sound bar via wi-fi, so I’ve had to look for a solution to that to prevent it from happening, including hiding my Wi-Fi networks and changing my passwords a few dozen times. It’s an unrelated issue but I’ve become a bit paranoid, is my point.

It’s not too bad to have the ethernet cable plugged into my Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+, it’s just that in those rare instances I might need to plug my ethernet cable into something else, it becomes a bit of a hassle to shut down the Raspberry Pi and then yank out the cable and put it elsewhere, and then plug in the cable and turn on the ropieee again when I wanna listen to music with it.

It’s okay if it doesn’t work for now, but maybe an ability to join hidden/custom SSIDs should be a feature for a future update? I don’t know how easy that is to accomplish because I’m not super technical. Just a thought.

Thanks for trying to help, though!

So, why does connecting to your wireless network not work when you ‘unhide’ the network?

I don’t know what wifi system is being used with RoPieee but you should be able to login and configure wifi manually (requires editing a few files).

The files do not care if your network is being broadcast or not and will try to connect to whatever is configured. At least that is how it works with all other Linux dirtros I’ve used in the past. Here is something that may help get you started. I don’t use Wifi so cannot confirm any of this.

*Note, you may need to connect to a working Wifi network in order to get RoPieee to load the right modules and write the initial config files. But then you should be able to edit the SSID, passphrase, etc. for your hidden network. And, at least according to one site I came across, you must add the following:
You have to add the scan_ssid=1 to the /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file so it looks like:

Good luck.

Have you figure out a way to connect RoPieee to a hidden wifi net? I have the same experience now as you do. It blocks you from manually entering a hidden network name!

RoPieee does not support hidden networks at the moment.

That would be a good reason! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for the info.