RoPieee wi-fi problem

I’m having a problem with my RasberryPi and Ropieee being recognized via wifi. I have a HiFi Berry Digi+ on top off the RaspPi. Hook up the unit to ethernet via hardwire and configure the wifi and password. When I disconnect the hardwired connection, the Pi is nowhere to be found.
I’m baffled and realize its something obvious.
Thanks Harry, Ropieee has made dealing with RasberryPi’s so much easier.

I’d suggest trying a few things:

  1. Reboot the Pi again. Sometimes this was required when I still used wifi (I don’t anymore).
  2. Enter the wifi credentials again, ensuring no typos. Be sure to save the config.

When you say that the Pi is nowhere to be found, I assume that you have done a network scan to find the new IP address? Or is it that the Pi doesn’t show up in the scan?

I’m pretty sure I’ve saved several times and that the password was correct (but I’ll retry all).
When I used ping, the Rpi shows up only when hardwired to my router. As soon as I disconnect, its gone form Fing.

Just to be sure, have you also rebooted a few times?

I’m going backwards. Decided to burn ropieee and start over. I’ve hooked up the RasberryPi to ethernet.
Fing sees it. Ropieee local does not. Confusing and not where to go next.

RoPieee.local is just a convenience, if it works in your network. In your case, it may be that your local OS has cached an older IP address.

If you use Fing to learn the new IP address, and you use that IP in a browser to configure RoPieee, what doesn’t work for you?

Sorry you are having trouble…

Its ok…Rpoieee is way easier than any other potion for me. I typed in the IP address (duh) and have made progress…thank you.
Fing now sees it as a wireless device, so progress. But Roon does not when I scan for a new device.

I lied. Now it has vanished from Fing, but shows up in Ropiee local as a second device. However its clearly not at that IP address. And doesn’t show up on Roon.

I am not sure what to suggest, as the evidence indicates either a Pi wifi hw problem or a more fundamental network issue. I’d be inclined to reboot everything, from your wifi router out (including switches). Then run Fing and take a screenshot of what you have after the reboots, and maybe someone on the forum will have some ideas on how to help.

Is the wifi using the same network segment…ie same first 3 numbers in the IP address are the same for lan and wifi?

Yep. Same for every device on my network.