Ropieee wifi problem with RPI 4B

I put together an endpoint using the official 7 inch screen and an RPI 4B 4GB, I have gotten everything working except the wifi which I believed was supported on the 4B. Strange thing is when I enable it can find the network, but once configured with the correct WIFI password it is unable to connect.

Identifier is: 6eab7348f34719d0

Am I just doing something wrong? I verified my wifi pass phrase as I was convinced I was doing something. I see no mac address, IP address, etc in the wifi window. I was hoping to use the WIFI, if not supported I understand and I will purchase a USB wifi dongle.

Thanks, Kevin

I solved the problem with an external ethernet to WIFI bridge, probably a better solution that using the internal wifi anyway. The odd thing is although I would see the networks and add the required credentials I was unable to connect to it even after I disconnected the ethernet.