Ropieee with hidden ssid

Hi Harry is there anyway Ropieee could support hidden ssids? I tried to hide mine and all Ropieees won’t connect and I can’t see a way to manually give it an ssid, unless I am missing something.

Enable SSID broadcast, connect Ropieee and then disable broadcast.

Doesn’t work that’s what I already did.

Yeah, I just tested that out, and you’re correct, it doesn’t work.

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This should work if you manually configure on the Pi. Will let Harry comment on that with his specific build.

However, I will comment that hidden SSIDs provide no security benefit. There may be other reasons why you have a non-broadcast SSID but if its done for “security” then that hasn’t been a thing for many many years (if it ever was). Because hidden is no longer a recommendation, and wifi devices have gotten really fast at switching APs, supporting a non-broadcast SSID is actually becoming difficult. A lot of devices will simply decide that network has gone offline and try to attach to something else. You may have to tell your client it it’s a non-broadcast SSID and that will shutdown a lot of the modern robustness wifi has now. May be time to re-evaluate if hidden is the right configuration.

Why hiding SSID is not secure
If you want network security, use a network password generator and generate a long key. I use minimum 25 characters on mine. I had to print out 3D barcodes so visitors could connect to the guest network! :grin:

It’s not for security, I just want them hidden as I have 4 wireless networks and only one I want available to connect to. I know all about the security aspects of this. Don’t need the lessons.