Ropieee with Roon ROCK not working

My Ropieee has stopped working since I did the latest Roon update. Was working fine before with my ROCK NUC & Ropieee LCD. When you reboot the Ropieee it gets frozen while going through the start up process. On screen it says …checking for updates… We’re ready Ropiee is running…
Ropieee has cant get past this command. Ropiee & ROCK both available on network and Roon playing fine.
Any ideas on a fix for this. Cheers

I would reflash the sd card for a start unless you can send a feedback from the web GUI

Please send me feedback.

Ok will do.

Has this unit been off for a while?

Yes I was away for 10 weeks, so sat idle with just the clock display for that time. I got back on Sunday and when I fired up Roon the issue started.

ok that explains it a bit what I see.
Unfortunately this is not something easily fixable, so my advise would be to reflash.

Reflashed & working fine again :+1:

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