RoPieee with RPi Touchscreen failure

After seeing DarkoAudio’s bit on creating a nice endpoint with touchscreen (Pi-Fi! A $200 TOUCHSCREEN streamer for Spotify, Tidal & Roon - YouTube) I took the plunge and purchased a Pi 4 and excitedly set everything up.

So assembly was easy, and was simple to get the RoPieee image on the card … followed all the instructions (configured extension in Roon, enabled audio device in Roon, setup wifi, etc.).

As a test (before trying to navigate the nest of wires behind my Living Room setup) I decided to connect to a pair of PeachTree Audio M24 Speakers that I have in a guest bedroom. Powered it up and went back to my computer as I waited for the RPi to boot (which takes awhile). After awhile while still on my computer I see the endpoint show up as available audio devices and started streaming using the UI on my computer. Hooray … I hear the music!

Run into the guest bedroom to check it out and see that, while the music is playing flawlessly, the display show the following:

Zone Not Found

We’re still waiting for the controlled Roon zone to appear

  • Is your DAC turned on?
  • Is the correct zone configured in RoPieee?

I’m using the the following image:


Any idea what’s wrong here. Was really looking forward to having the touchscreen to control roon and while I’m happy to have another endpoint I want the rest of this to work.

You did not try adding a screen after flashing your SD card did you? If you did, by chance, you have to reflash the SD card after adding the screen.

I sold my RPi4 with screen, so I can’t look at the RoPieee setup, but the naming has to be precise. I don’t remember exactly what I’m talking about here, but take a close look at your RoPieee setup.

Did you type in the Roon Control Zone in the Display tab in the web gui?

@Jim_F, one of the changes of the new 2022 RoPieee is that detection of display occurs for example when a configuration change is made (if I recall correctly). A re-flash usually isn’t required.

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So, if someone has a working RPI4 running RoPieee or RoPieeeXL and they later add a screen, are you saying they no longer need to reflash? If so, that is a change. Before, that needed a reflash.

Yes, I believe that that is correct. There are some comments about this from @spockfish in prior posts. I updated the guide accordingly earlier this year.


I double checked the settings and even made sure to “cut and paste” the name into the roon control zone … hit configure and nothing.

But then I did reinstalled Roon Bridge, the bounced it instead of just hitting ‘configure’ and it came up.

Problem solved. THANKS to all for the feedback.