Ropieee with touch screen - decent and good looking case

I’ve earlier built my own case for the kitchen where I was running Volumio with Roon bridge in parallell (and hifiberry amp2). The standard case really don’t give the screen the best viewing angles since it’s kind of upside down. I couldn’t find any commercial case rotated like this, so I spent a week with handsaw and sandpaper and another for finishing in the living room.

Having discoverd how nice Ropieee is (now no more volumio in the kitchen) on this thing I now bought another screen for the living room and my main setup (only as screen). Though I’m not very keen on another couple of weeks of building, I havn’t been able to find anything at all on the internet where the screen (and the pi) are rotated like this. That is: connections on the left side, instead of the right side.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a case with this orientation for the screen?



You can rotate the screen in the ropieee settings in the GUI no need to get the tools out :smiley:


Its not the rotation of the picture on the screen that is problematic, I know of that setting. Rather that the viewing angels are 20 degrees better when the screen is flipped upside down. As is noted here close to the buttom: I find it difficult to see whats on screen when standing next to it, although it`s good while sitting down.

Ah…well FWIW I haven’t noticed this issue in my 3 setups…wonder if its a different batch or manufacturer component that is having this issue.

I’m not sure. My first one is several years old, but the the new one is, well, new, bought a couple of weeks ago. They behave just the same with the veiwing angles. I took a couple of pictures with them side by side. The one on the right is mounted upside down (usb-ports to the left). The left one is the new, first usb-ports to the right, then to the left. I rebooted the left one with the lcd rotated, so that the artwork is showing the same way but the screen flipped upside down.


This looks great for the price

Be careful, that’s not going to work with RoPieee as its USB/HDMI. The “official 7-inch Raspberry Pi Touchscreen” uses a dedicated ribbon cable. Only the official screen is supported.

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It definitely won’t work as HDMI is disabled in Ropieee.

thanks for the advise. This kit will work?

  • [HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro
  • [Element14 Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Motherboard]

Samsung 32GB 95MB/s (U1) MicroSDXC EVO

SmartiPi Touch 1 - Case for The Official Raspberry Pi 7"

Raspberry Pi Official 7 Inch Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Pi 2

nice! please provide the products… :smiley: Thanks!

There is no need for a 32g card – an 8gb is sufficient. Speed is not a constraint, as RoPieee generally functions in ram.

Thanks… For the price is almost the same.
The other components are right?

Nice!.. any detail in the components? the case looks great

Ropieee + Touch Screen + Streamer = one chassis. Just for fun (I think!)


would love to see internals and case work pics Derek

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Hi @wizardofoz internals are Top secret !…. some parts are home made, yet this streamer is no worse than $3-5,000 streamers I have blind tested home auditioned A/B (not to lab conditions). It stopped me upgrading my DAC and stopped me buying an Aurilac G1. Looking to move house end of the year and to consider if I start a streamer business (long story). Thank you for the interest.

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I build stuff too…just completed a Ropieee with Khadas Tone Board setup with Analogue Sound Processor for LXmini setup. Some internal pics below, the switch on the rear allows fo direct ASP input from any other source or uses the instal Ropieee and DAC combo.


@wizardofoz very nice and compact. Interesting =

Here is the top of the ASP board during population

Resistors done

Small caps, pots and FETs done

The rest done


Can you connect the raspberry pi separately for example by usb? So you can keep the raspberry pi somewhere else.