Ropieee with touch screen - decent and good looking case

I am considering buying a 7 inch screen for my ropieee. Unfortunately, I have a problem finding a cool housing for the screen and Pi. Could you share some photos of your sets and the name of the particular enclosure you use? Thanks.

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I don’t know about “cool”, but I chose the standard case for all of €14. Finished project looks like this:

Ok, thanks. I am also considering this case, but in comments on amazon people are complaing that this screen is upside down and some manual edition of configuration files is required; from amazon customer: „Somebody really screwed up on this one. The LCD mounts upside-down. Several people mention a “fix” that involves adding “lcd_rotate=2” to the config.txt. Those people have apparently never used a different case, because the so-called “fix” doesn’t really help.”

Could you show the back side and top side of the case?

This is not an issue if you use Ropiee.


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Great! Thanks.

I used another case in addition to this one…I’ll just go get a pic taken. I think I got it from Element 14 / Farnell Electronics, and the other pictured above from RS Online.

with mods for the IQAudIO DigiAMP+ hat. This connects directly to two bookshelf speakers for a complete bedroom setup.

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Oh, nice one. Thanks.

Yes that is the one…the nice thing is there was ample room for a dac amp hat but the mods for the holes took some measuring and finger crossing to get right.


That looks a much nicer case than mine, which needed to be “modified” for the amp hat.

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These are mods

I have two of these Bamboo cases. Open on the back so no cooling issues caused by the case and room for bigger hats.

Only issue I’ve had is that they are light and may move around if your cables exert too much pressure.



I’ve got that Bamboo one and one of Farnell ones. Much prefer the wood one.

In the case of Bamboo, don’t you mean the grass one. :smiley:

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Its a woody grass :sunglasses:

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Case and screen have arrived today :slight_smile:
The screen is quite good.


Not cheap, but really awesome:

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Which one did you go for in the end? I like the trim on it.

This one

I thought this would be a temporary solution but I’m really quite pleased with it! I’m using the Allo clear plexi case parts on the back of the screen, which houses my Pi and DigiOne Sig HAT.