Ropieee XL with Teac UD-503 DAC: no native DSD playback


Not sure I’m in the right place for this but my RPi streamer with Ropieee XL will not output native DSD to my Teac UD-503 DAC. DSD support seems to be broken in this configuration.

How can I report this issue to Ropieee XL support?

Many thanks in advance!

Do you have more info?

Does it do DoP?

Hi, no it doesn’t.

ok. then it’s more a generic Roon thing and not RoPieee.

I think I saw another post that there are more problems with doing DSD (DoP or native).
Are you sure there is no setting in the TEAC itself to enable DSD?

Actually (and that’s why I said I wasn’t sure I was in the right place for that) I don’t use RoPieeeXL (RPi 4) as a streamer with Roon but with Audirvana. With Audirvana > DAC, I can play native DSD without any problem, with Audirvana > RoPieeeXL streamer > DAC there is no DSD output at all (but Flac/PCM works).

I think it’s the same issue than me with Pioneer U-05: those Dac need drivers to work with DSD… so it’s working with MacOS and Windows, but not with Linux (then Ropieee)…