Ropieee XL with touch screen setup and FLIRC

Hi all,

Firstly thanks to all those who created Ropieee.

Just after a bit of advice with setting up a Pi 3+ and Touchscreen as a replacement for a Squeezebox Touch via USB to an Oppo 205.

Basically I have Roon server at home and Squeezebox server at our other place, where this device will be used. Ultimately, I want to replace the Squeezebox server with a Nucleus when funds’ allow and have Roon servers at both homes.

In the interim, my wife is finally comfortable controlling the Squeezebox Touch/AV receiver with a Logitech remote (plus iPeng on an iPad) and I’m trying to replicate the setup as closely as possible for the sake of marital harmony, no pun intended.

If I install a FLIRC so that she can continue using the Harmony One, do I use a USB extension cable for the FLIRC so that it has line of sight to the remote from behind the Touchscreen and if so, are there any special requirements for this?

I’ve never used a FLIRC before. Do I just program it with the Squeezebox remote or does Ropieee have some other requirement?

If I program it with the Squeezebox remote, I assume that I program the AV receiver’s volume up/down/mute instead of the Squeezebox Touch and that this will work with Ropieee too?

Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Dave.

This reply is probably too late, but here goes:

  • For reliable performance it is best to have the FLIRC in line of sight. Use an inexpensive USB-A male to USB-A female extension cable for this.
  • You program the FLIRC with a computer (PC or Mac). Download, install and fire up the Flirc App. Connect the FLIRC to an USB port. Choose the “Media Keys” controller. Teach each the IR codes for Play/Pause, Next/Prev Track, etc, from your IR remote. You do this by clicking on the button in the app and then pressing the corresponding button on your IR remote. Finally, stick the FLIRC in to the RPi.
  • As long as you don’t teach it the Volume/Mute buttons, it will not respond to them, so they will continue to control your receiver without affecting the RPi as well.