Ropieeexl as display for all zones, and a question about connecting DAC

Edit: Firat question deleted - solved.

The next question: can I have the pi3+ display and control seperate zones? Eg, chrome cast audio that is connected direct to receiver. At the moment it doesn’t, and only controls The zone which is the pi3+ connected to DAC. Not any other zones (as they are named uniquely and can’t be grouped.

Thanks for any help.

I don’t get the first part of your question, but in general:

There’s no relation between RoPieee’s screen functionality and audio. That means that you can display/control a Roon zone totally not related to the current Pi. In fact, you can (and there are many people who do) use a Pi with a screen without even using it as Roon audio endpoint.

Hopes this clarifies things a bit.


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Sorry, the first part of the question is now redundant. Was a faulty USB cable.

If I want to use the screen as ropieeexl with screen as a control for a zone, I have to rename it to match that zone correct? I can’t make it display “now playing for multiple zones? And I’m hi essing I can’t can’t make it act is a screen for the Spotify connect functionality? A now playing for Spotify connect to that ropieeexl would be great.