RopieeeXL auto update

Hi, I have 4 Pi 4’s running RopieeeXL on my network. For some reason, 3 of the 4 will auto update, but one of them will not. This happened a while back and so to update the odd one, I reflashed the sd card and all is running fine. Today, I see that a new version is out and again, I see 3 of the 4 has the option for me to update, but not that same Pi 4.

Any idea why this particular unit refuses to auto update?


Send Harry a feedback from the advanced menu. I assume you have it setup to auto update :blush:

Hi Hammer,
I do not use RoPieeeXL, but only RoPieee, but I presume it should react in the same way.
In the tab “Advanced”, you have to activate “Auto Update”.
But you also have to activate “Reboot Schedule:”. If you put in “Daily” and as “Reboot Time” you fill in “03:04”, it will reboot each morning at that time and only during that reboot it will check for updates. So, to be clear, a manual reboot will not do a check if a new version is available.
Kind regards, Frank.

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Ah! My bad…auto update was set to off! Thank you!