RopieeeXL Update to 2.464

Hi, I have two Pi 4’s running 2.462. They are both set to reboot nightly and to update on reboot. However, I see that 2.464 is the most recent version. Any idea why my devices are not updating to the most recent version? They are both set to the stable channel. Short of creating a new SD, is there a way to force an update? Thank you!

RoPieee and RoPieeeXL are at different version numbers.

According to the ropieee website, 2.464 has updates for HQPlayer NAA etc. which is only fro RopieeXL? I’m running ropieeexl. Sorry, I didn’t specify that.

Hmm. Yes, RoPieeeXL is v.2.464. Other than confirming that you really are running XL, the easiest course of action might be to re-flash. You might send Harry feedback before you do, though, just in case you have stumbled across an edge case bug.

Or, open the web admin page (@ the Pi’s IP address), and click the manual Update button.

Hi, a button’s what I’m looking for, but I don’t see one. Where is it? Thanks!

I’m pretty sure its shown right under the title banner, if an update is available.
You can goto the Advanced. tab, and confirm Update Channel is Stable, and Update Schedule is On Boot. Then a reboot should initiate an update check. Otherwise, perhaps just re-image it.