RopieeXL dropout

Router->Rpi4 (RopieeeXL)->DAC->AMP
I use Tidal via Roon (50%) and a local streaming service (Bugs:Korea) via dlna (50%)
Running roon works like a charm no big issues.
However, when streaming via dlna, there are sudden dropouts.
A song would be playing fine and then all of a sudden nothing.
The song when replayed on the app would appear to be running fine but there is no output from Ropieee.
And then when I playback via roon things work again.
But then RopieeeXL cannot be found on dlna until reboot.
The above symptom seem to have worsened since the last update.
Can you help?

Try experimenting with the openhome setting.

tried all possible combination of options.
flashed Dietpi for test. working fine.
I really would prefer using the RopieeeXL if this dlna issue can be resolved.
my top goto for Roon.