RopieeXL on RPI4 cannot work with Intona USB 3.0 Isolator

RPI4 running with RopieeXL cannot lock signal with Intona (USB 3.0 input), green color led status keeps blinking, while laptop pc running windows have no problem (led status with solid green and no blinking),

Could any guys share their successful experience on this combo ? Thanks.

similar signal cannot lock issue :

Intona USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Isolator (7055c)

Might not be what you want to hear, but send the Itona back and just use the standard USB port on your RPi 4.

You’re just adding an extra component into the mix, that gives no audible benefit and yet is causing you issues.

Get rid off it, it’s causing you issues and solves nothing.

Those isolators are designed to isolate industrial equipment with 1000’s of volts from the USB socket on a PC, there is no need to use one for audio purposes with a RPi4.

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My pi3B RopieeXL - intona usb 2.0 5kv works without problem

maybe you can re connect the cable and restart the DAC.