RopPieee surprised me

Just moved from iPhone/iPad to RopPieee on Pi4 and I’m really surprised, looks like more airy/open and detailed sound.

Just my impression?

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It is an impression for sure :slight_smile: It would be interesting to know what DAC you’re using with the Pi.

It’s connected to a Cambridge CXA80, using his internal DAC. Would like to test an external like SMSL D300 but not sure if worth it.

Thanks. I don’t know how that measures, but in general, it’s unlikely you’ll hear significant differences between good DACs.

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I’m not surprised here. I don’t get good sound directly from tablets / phones. Network and dedicated endpoints is the way to go. So, way to go!

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I’ve tried a SMSL D300 for a few weeks for a possible replacement of my SMSL M300. The D300 would look better in my audio-cabinet :slight_smile: I did not make the move for I noticed some less performance plating hires-audio files, which the M300 played better. My expectations were higher because of the chipset used was one that also was used in pricy Luxman DAC’s.

The solution is obvious: don’t listen to hi res.