Rosie Bones / Carmen Vandenberg

It appears the image for Rosie Bones is actually her bandmate Carmen Vandenberg.

Carmen on the left Rosie on the right.
Rosie Bones Carmen Vandenberg wxaQVZrH9DJm

Hello @David_Gibson, thanks for your report! I took a look at our side and we no longer have a copy of these images on file. This means it may have been resolved and removed already, or the image may exist as an upload on your end. I would check your artist images and see if this file show up as generated by Roon and displayed below:

If it does, please let me know so we can investigate. Thanks again for your feedback!

You are absolutely right. I had the wrong picture! Sorry for the goof.

Hey @David_Gibson, goofs are how we learn! I’ve definitely made a few in my first few months here. We’re happy to help!