Route audio from web browser to Roon

Roon Core Machine

Arch Linux
Dell desktop G5 5000
Intel i9

Description of Issue

I am a software engineer. I was wondering if it would be possible to route desktop audio through Roon.



There is no way in Roon to route audio in. You might be able to route music through icecast and setting up a radio stream that can be added manually in the internet radio section.

A better place to ask this would be the Tinkering section.

Thank you for the suggestion! You’ve given me food for thought.

I’ve moved this to #tinkering but rooExtend / rooPlay has an option to pipe music from and ADC through a Raspberry Pi via a radio station setup.

@Randall_Jonasz in addition to advice from @Rugby and @wizardofoz , take a look at Entrypoints here at the Roon community

Thank you. This looks promising!

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