RPi 4, HiFiBerry Digi+ pro HAT into Naim Unitiqute

I’ve scanned this thread but found no answer to my problem, which is I can’t get any volume from output device (Unitiqute). Apologies if I have missed if this is covered elsewhere on the thread. A couple of questions arise as I must have set the device incorrectly.
First, I don’t understand why under the Roon > setup > audio there are two devices: a Roon bridge and the Digi+.

Second, under the setup screens I’m not sure if I have enabled the correct items.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the Settings > Audio page?

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Right, so I presume you are using RoPieee XL, instead of the standard RoPieee?

The former has the UPnPBridge application as well as the Roon Bridge application…

Are the device setup screens from the RPistudy device shown in the Roon section? They should be, and I think you should have MQA capabilities set to none.

Couple of things:

  • If you only want to do RAAT (Roon): pick regular RoPieee instead of XL.
  • the Hifiberry Digi+ has no volume control, other than using DSP. Considering you have a Unitiqute this is also not necessary as you have volume on the Naim. So set ‘volume Control’ to ‘Fixed’.

I was at first but after rereading the guide I decided it was not necessary. So I reflashed my SDCards and installed RoPieee.

I thought I might have not enabled the digital input on my ‘Qute but still no volume.

I’m just about to start fiddling about with the settings again … watch this space.

Excellent good idea.

Still no sound @spockfish despite checking setup and inputs, and the logo shows something is going on but what?

So volume control is on ‘fixed’?

As far as I can tell …

Ok check.

Can you go to RoPieee’s webpage and change the HAT setting from ‘Hifiberry Digi+’ to ‘Hifiberry Digi’?

Ok confession - just changed the toslink cable only to find I had the old one plugged into a different port. So apologies for the wild goose chase to you and @Geoff_Coupe. I am so glad to be able to play hires on my ‘Qutes again.

Now time to set up my other RPi plus Digi+ pro for the other ‘Qute. Thanks again for your prompt support and guidance.

I noticed that the dsp volume works on some music but not others. Why is this?