RPI Google Assistant together with roon endpoint?

Have anyone succeeded in installing the google assistant software on a rpi - that also works as an roon endpoint?

i my living room i have a roon endpoint running on a rpi with a hifiberry amp. this plays sound in our ceiling speakers - and we are very happy with that.

i like the google assistant - but it would be nice to avoid having to buy one - if i could simply use it side by side with my existing setup.

so my idea was that i would be able to say “OK Google” - and then it should “pause” roon - and instead start the google dialog flow.

just like it does on our existing google speakers - which also works with roon :).

i know that the rpi will work with google assistant.
but what i am not sure on - is what will happen if roon is playing - while trying to activate the voice assistant. :slight_smile:

br Ronni

If you’re prepared to run a Home Assistant instance - that integrates with both Roon and Google Assistant.

I maintain the roon integration, but I don’t use Google Assistant.

I do control a Hi Fi Berry Amp / Ropieee endpoint connected to my shower room speakers via a Phillips Hue dimmer switch via HA though!

Hi Greg!
I am an avid HA user - and i really enjoy the Roon integration.
in my dedicated listening room - i use the roon app.

but 90% of the time - i use HA to start a radio-station or playlist directly from HA - in all the other rooms.
In our main living room - i use an old rpi3 - with the hifiberry amp on - that works great with 2 ceiling mounted 8" full tone speakers.

i use the ropieee xl image - which has the dlna addon - that i use for TTS announcement.
but off course -this only works - as long as roon is not playing.
i can pause the player - before making announcements - but it only works sometimes -because roon - tends to look onto the outout.

so if i start playing with the google home assistant - i would somehow have to “pause” roon - as soon as the “OK Google” keyword as played. unless i can “share the alsa output”. :slight_smile:


Always glad to hear of people using the HA integration, I hadn’t realised.

I haven’t tried TTS myself, but can imagine there are timing issues using Ropieee for both!