RPi3b+ with PoE Hat reachability problem


I just installed Roipeee on a RPi3b+ with official PoE Hat and USB audio out.
The raspberry continuously appears and disappears form the Audio tag in the configuration of Roon. Therefore it is not usable. I’m running version 219 of Roipeee.

Other RPi3B with older HAT in my network and same version of Roipeee do not have any issue and play gorgeously.

Any suggestion, how to solve the problem?

Try external power supply and if that works maybe its a power issue.

Raspberry Pi 3B+

-> PoE with external non powered USB DAC fails (Pi 3B worked flawlessly) - this means potential problems with USB connected drives as well…

-> Normal usb power chord with 3,5mm jack sound output works

-> PoE with 3,5mm jack sound output works

-> Normal usb power chord with non powered USB DAC works

-> PoE with powered USB DAC works

Conclusion is reached: Thank You for the hint!

All this is said without any concern about sound quality. Now I have to evaluate the sound quality of the Pi 3B+ with PoE compared to the non PoE version (in the Pi 3B it is a shameful idea to go for normal power supply if PoE was available)

Pi 3b+ network port is not very good and would not work well with my switch. It’s also not reliable with USB and causes all sorts of issues. Your best going wireless on the 3b+ if using USB.

Anyone tried with ropieee verses diet pi builds with POE?

I know Harry forces 100Mb port speed on the 3B+ as it won’t work with FMC on Gb ports where as DietPi will work

Perhaps your POE hat is faulty. There seems to be a problem with usb power delivery on all but the latest production runs. This is in line with your test: it works when you have no usb device, or one that needs little power. More info on https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/poe-hat-revision/

OK, that is the case!! Thank You @StevenB! Now I know that my boards will be ‘refunded’ and that was not just my mistake, if it did not work… There was something on top.

FWIW, I’ve got close to a dozen Chinese “ Active PoE Splitter Micro USB Power Over Ethernet 48V to 5V 2.4A for Raspberry Pi“ in use. They cost about €6 a piece, work with any Pi (and other devices with 10/100 Mb Ethernet interfaces), allow hats on top of your pi and work flawlessly with Ubiquity Unifi POE switches.


@StevenB, I’ve noticed a huge difference in sound if the raspberry is powered on usb or through the Poe hat.