RPI4 and Khadas tone board issue

Hello folks. I just picked up a Khadas tone board to use as a dac on one RPI4 and for the life of me cant get roon to see it. Previously I had an Allo Boss 1.2 dac hat on this and am running RopieeXl
I have changed it so its not using the Boss dac hat and have enabled USB audio out in advanced for all the optins ie Upnp Shareport etc and no matter what It doesnt show the Khadas in Roon. It shows Airplay on this RPI only. I could use some help. Ive rebooted mant times etc.

Soled my own issue. I reflashed the card with fresh version Ropiee and then from there upgraded to XL. Bam now shows up in roon.

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