RPI4 Ropieee - USB DAC popping sound - buffer

Hi Julian,

Hope this would not be too late for you.

**If you have audiolab mdac, and wanna use Linux based os just stay away from any pc/micro computer with USB3.0. **

If you have audiolab mdac, and wanna use any pc/ micro computer with usb3.0. Go windows10 or MacOS.

I had met the same issue with rpi4 with Linux based player os.
Quote from JohnW:” Generally MDAC has issues with newer USB3.0 ports (USB3.0 host IC’s do not support the lower bandwidth USB1.1 interface very well without experiencing dropped USB frames).”

Mdac will have usb buffer fluctuation issue which causes pop/clicking/distortion sound.

I have rpi3 and rpi3+ using the player os like moode/ volumio/even rasbian without any problem .Because they only got USB2.0.
But the same os on rpi4 have issues, no matter on usb2.0 or 3.0 port or through hub. Because they are on the same controller VL805. I think that must be something in Linux driver implement.

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I have a Rpi 3, to Audiolab m-dac, USB is only 24 96 so i added a Allo Digione card and run coax to the m-dac no issues at all

Ethernet from core then to my phones HD 800

This is not a Linux driver issue: this is a device issue.

The sad thing is that there are still a lot of hardware vendors out there who don’t test on Linux and make sure their device is compliant to work flawlessly on Linux.