RS232 control of McIntosh


I have a MacBook Air (macOS 10.12.6) , Dell Laptop (Windows 10) and Intel NUC Kit NUC5CPYH (various OSes) as options for endpoints and a McIntosh C2500 preamp.

I know most of the ASCII commands for the C2500 Preamp; I have a manufacturer’s supplied guide.

I have a Keyspan USB to RS232 adapter. I use it to set the filters of the McIntosh MEN220. However it’s just used once for that purpose.

If I understand this correctly, with a RS232 audio component AND known ASCII commands, one could use a Roon remote to power on/off, change volume, input (?) and any other appropriate commands?


ah ok, sorry… I thought you had a Meridian device… but yes, you could totally write something to control the C2500 preamp from within Roon.

So I’ve written 2 extensions to do this type of thing – you’d just have to clone these and alter them to support your C2500:

This is my extension for Meridian control over RS232:

This is my extension for Devialet control over RS232 (obsoleted by the AIR integration… kinda):

The Devialet extension should be rewritten to use AIR protocol to do the control instead of RS232 – but the idea is similar.

The biggest issues with these extensions is that they are full programs that must be run somewhere on the network. Ideally ROCK/Nucleus could run them securely if they were packaged up as little sandboxed “apps”.