RS232 control of McIntosh


I have a MacBook Air (macOS 10.12.6) , Dell Laptop (Windows 10) and Intel NUC Kit NUC5CPYH (various OSes) as options for endpoints and a McIntosh C2500 preamp.

I know most of the ASCII commands for the C2500 Preamp; I have a manufacturer’s supplied guide.

I have a Keyspan USB to RS232 adapter. I use it to set the filters of the McIntosh MEN220. However it’s just used once for that purpose.

If I understand this correctly, with a RS232 audio component AND known ASCII commands, one could use a Roon remote to power on/off, change volume, input (?) and any other appropriate commands?


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ah ok, sorry… I thought you had a Meridian device… but yes, you could totally write something to control the C2500 preamp from within Roon.

So I’ve written 2 extensions to do this type of thing – you’d just have to clone these and alter them to support your C2500:

This is my extension for Meridian control over RS232:

This is my extension for Devialet control over RS232 (obsoleted by the AIR integration… kinda):

The Devialet extension should be rewritten to use AIR protocol to do the control instead of RS232 – but the idea is similar.

The biggest issues with these extensions is that they are full programs that must be run somewhere on the network. Ideally ROCK/Nucleus could run them securely if they were packaged up as little sandboxed “apps”.

Hi Bill,

I am trying to use the exact extension. I am hoping you can help me out and send me the code for the C2500. I have zero experience in code and have been looking at the code that Danny listed below. Did you happen to write this code for the RS232 control of the C2500?

Thank you in advance!!!