RTE Radio app now showing full song-level metadata

The new RTE Radio app on Android (since the beginning of September) is now displaying track level metadata on all the Irish broadcaster’s stations. I’m trying to work out where it gets it from but so far have failed. This is mainly to alert you to the fact that it appears to be available from somewhere and you may wosh to try to discover the source!

Wireshark plus guesswork:



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Hi @Peter_Whisker I saw that too, on their revised iOS app.

I have tried writing to RTE and the RTE Player team to ask whether they would make the API feed public or expose them in a limited way, to allow Roon to consume them.

I got a response that they would pass this onto the Engineers etc…

However, if you have the JSON format, let’s see if @alec_eiffel can work to update his basic feed from the RTE website as to what’s being broadcast.

The JSON looks very obvious and straightforward and the links above simply return the current track plus track history. You need to use the time and duration to work out if the latest track is still “live”

Yes, was just looking through the JSON format, and comparing what’s being listed vs what’s being played and displayed on the iOS app.

Hopefully @alec_eiffel will be able to add these feeds to the meta-data service at https://radio-metadata.fr/ui

Very exciting, would be great to have the Album Artwork displayed as well.