RuneOS for RPi - Another Roon Bridge foundation

There is another Linux distribution I would like to point out as great Roonbridge base.
RuneOS turned out to be ideal for my needs.

It is very lean, carefully tuned out for HIFI needs. And solved some of the problems I had with other distributions.
For example it solved my WIFI dropouts/sleeps (due to my sheduled nigtly WIFI network shutdown) and my Hifiberry AMP+ volume issues.

adds AirPlay capability to RPi
adds Spotify streaming to RPi
you can access platform independant RuneUI directly from any browser (handy for changing the volume on specific device even without Roon)
has different selectable Sound Signatures (sound optimization profiles)
can (if it need be) play various formats from local USB or network without need for a server
SSHable image: U:root/P:rune

for HAT configurations (it supports many devices with active community) you have to edit config.txt atm
officially still in beta (so not for light hearted)

Rune can be married with Roon in a few easy steps…

  1. If you are ‘read before opening’ type: read this first.

  2. Download and burn (USB Image Tool recommended) appropriate image.

  3. With current 0.4 beta version you have to SSH in (U:root, P:rune), then use nano or vi to uncomment a line in config.txt with to enable your specific audio interface. This sounds harder than it is. :slight_smile:

  4. Reboot device with # Sudo Reboot

  5. Access RuneUI - just key in device IP in any browser on your LAN and set Audio Output Interface in MPD (there is a drop down MENU in right corner) and check other Settings like Player namer and Sound Signature (optimization profiles). If your device is not there you did not uncomment the line in step 3.

  6. Instal Roonbridge in 3 simple steps for mankind as poeted by @RBM. :slight_smile:
    $ curl -O
    $ chmod +x
    $ sudo ./

  7. Optionally you can check if there are any nightly builds updates…

cd /var/www
git pull
curl -s -X GET ‘http://localhost/clear

watchdog problems while updating?
cd /var/www
rm command/mpd-watchdog
git pull

date problems while updating?
date --set=“28 December 2016 13:39:00”


I can see another thread split imminent :stuck_out_tongue: Handy to tho thanks @Bor

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As Paul guessed, this is newthreadworthy !

If you were able to write some simple install instructions @Bor that would be really cool. Thanks for telling us about it.

I thought I heard somewhere that the RuneAudio guys were in New Zealand…maybe that was a bum steer but regardless its good to have another option.