Running Full Roon On Windows 11

Evidently, Apple is going to introduce Apple Music lossless, high resolution for Windows 11 next year. If that’s correct, I want to upgrade my Dell XPS 15 laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 11. I want one device that can run Apple Music, Audirvana Studio 2.0, and Roon 2.0, all in lossless, high resolution. This if for use when away from my home Roon Nucleus.

So, for those running Roon 2.0 (full, not just remote) on Windows 11, how is it working for you? I don’t need Spatial or Dolby Atmos, but I don’t want any other problems either.

Thanks for your input.

PS: This will keep me from needing to buy an Apple Macbook Air M2.

The only problems I had:
After upgrading to Windows 11 I had to reboot my Roon Core to get my devices to update/show as available.

If I minimize the client to the taskbar, on resume it will crash. The music continues but I need to restart the app.

Same was true for me on Win 10 too though.

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I have a Full Roon Core running on a Lenovo laptop under Windows 11, no issues.

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Only for Win 11 and not Win 10?

EDIT: It might just be the Photos part that requires Windows 11. It was an announcement by Microsoft regarding Photos, Apple TV, and Apple Music.

Here’s one source, there are more…

WIN 11 Roon server and full Roon (for when I need to interact from the server core).
All running without glitches, no problems or any reconfiguration needed when WIN or Roon updates are installed.
Used to run the same system on WIN 10 before, same situation.
Happy camper here…

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I run Full Roon 2.0 core on Win11 (& also, occasionally an iMac, m1) with no problems.

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