Running Linux on a M2 and Roon database on a separate SSD

I want to Run a linux file system on an M2 256GB and the Roon File system on a separate SSD 256GB with 3 HD in Raid 5 and a spare has anyone on one of the forums done this already if so can someone point me to it, as I wanted to use a QNAP NAS but the cost is prohibitive and I can build a nas including all Hard Drives for 2/3 of the cost with similar or better specs any answers or pointers are much appreciated.

What you want to do is easily done using something like Arch Linux. What specifically do you want help with…installing Linux, configuring the RAID array or setting Roon Server up so the database is on a separate SSD?

Eventually all Evan the thing is I am a totally Newby at this sort of thing although I know a lot about Windows systems and Hardware and have no problem in this environment I am a complete novice with any sort of Linux distro and even worse when it comes to Roon. If you are willing to help with any problems that come up I will get back to you when I have acquired all the hardware. Sorry to be so premature on all of this but I wanted to know possibilities before I started. So at least now I can go away and study the Arch Distro to see its possibilities. Which of the 5 main Arch linux distros would you recommend [] or am I on th wrong track.

I’d pretty much install vanilla Arch without a GUI - the setup is a set and forget thing. One thing to note: you can comfortably use smaller SSD’s for the OS and Roon database - a 256MB SSD for either is complete overkill. My Arch server boots from a flash drive and my Roon database is located on a 60GB SSD which is about 2x what I need to handle my rather large library. A 30GB SSD for the database should more than comfortably cover most libraries unless they’re inordinately large.

Here’s a guide for installing Arch:

Here’s a guide for pointing Roon to a different database location:

I’ll help you with RAID and network share configuration when you have Arch installed.