Running node.js for API related stuff on a Pi Zero W

(Mr Fix It ) #1

Is this even possible to load up node and have it running the API stuff like alarm clock and web interface etc?

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(Dan Knight) #2


NodeJS and NodeRed (not sure which one you wanted) is available for all CPU archs. Should install fine on ARMv6.

You can install NodeJS with:

dietpi-software install 9

As for the alarm clock and other stuff you wanted to run ontop of it, i’am the wrong person to ask, no idea :frowning:

(Mr Fix It ) #3

@Jan_Koudijs @Mike_Plugge

You guys have any clues if this can be accomplished with your extns?

(Jan Koudijs) #4

Besides nodejs you also need npm (may or may not be included in nodejs) and git. If these prerequisites are met then the alarm clock should work fine.

(Dan Knight) #5

npm comes with our NodeJS installer. Should be good to go :slight_smile:

git, Either of the following:

dietpi-software install 17
apt-get install git