Running roon and kodi in parallel in win10 nuc

Hi guys,

i just bought a nuc in order to run roon with my hifi setup.

I am now thinking about consolidating my Hardware landscape, as i am also using a raspberry pi for running kodi/xbmc.

Given that i am now would be running win10 and roon as a headless Option i was now thinking to also install kodi on the nuc which would run full time while roon headless would run in the background.

Is this setup realistic and efficient?

Regards, kian

which nuc did you get? if you got an i3 or i5, I’m sure itll be fine

I agree. I run Kodi, Roon and a bunch of other stuff on one device and it works well.

It is, but remember you have to configure for example hdmi as your sound output in Kodi, because Roon in exclusive mode will not let Kodi play via USB.

Also planning a HTPC based on HDPlex H5 + external 400W LPSU HDPlex also and using Roon for Hi Res audio files thru USB and Kodi for video files with audio output via digital SPDIF RCA sound card to Surround Processor.

Also using Satellite PCIe card twin tuners DVB-S2 with video thru HDMI to PJ and audio via SPDIF RCA out to Surround Processor .

So, separate paths for audio and video .

i was able to install roonbridge on the vero 4k (osmc based arm mini media player) - one has to use arm7hf version of the bridge as osmc is arm7hf based (even vero 4k itself is armv8).

but back to the topic - you can use both kodi and roonbridge via same audio output (in my case optical toslink) , just need to make sure to wait few seconds after stopping the video and only then play something via roon. the same apply vice-versa - eg playing video only few seconds after you stop playing song via roon.

i believe both kodi and roonbridge releases audio device few seconds after you stop playback.

my 2cents… :slight_smile: