Running Roon in minimized window

Hi all
Do you know if it is possible to start Roon (Windows 10) in a minimized window at the start of the session?
Thank you in advance

Not the GUI version as far as I know.

Why not install the server version and the GUI version as well and auto start the server, start the GUI version when you need it , it would be as a client not a server then ?

Thank you for the quick reply.
I already have a machine running Roon Server.
I am looking to install Roon on a PCHC so that it becomes an audio zone.
But I have other software on the PCHC and I don’t want Roon to be visible in the front row.
The idea is to use a tablet to listen to music through the PCHC without needing Roon’s GUI.
Maybe I should consider a dedicated machine but that was not my goal ?

Sounds like a use case for Roon Bridge?

Very interesting information !
I’m going to study Roon Bridge which I don’t know :-).
Thank you for your help.

No idea what a PCHC is…please enlighten us.

PCHC stands for PC Home Cinema

I have always referred to it as an HTPC.

PCHC is rather the French version of HTPC.
Sorry for the imprecision :slight_smile:

A quick note to indicate that Roon Bridge is the product I was looking for.
It works perfectly.
Thank you all for taking the time to answer me.