Running Roon on QNAP TS-269L

Has anyone succesfully managed to install/run Roon 1.3 (core) on a QNAP TS-269L NAS ?

Hi @Christian_Chateauvie,

Intel® Atom™ 1.86 GHz Dual-core Processor
DRAM 1GB RAM (Expandable RAM, up to 3GB)

I recommend reading [FAQ: What are the minimum requirements?]
( and esp. Brian’s post that’s linked:

Note: at that time that post was penned Roon did not have it DSP engine … upsampling, EQ, etc. can quickly consume CPU resources.

Personally I’d not go lower than an i3 with 4GB RAM, and if your into lots of DSP filters then an i5 / 8GB would be the sweet spot.

Thanks for the pointer, much appreciated !

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I can report Roon works just great on this QNAP TS-269L device. I have upgraded the RAM to 3Gb and installed the Roon DB on an SSD disk as recommended.


I’ve been running Roon on T269L with 3Gb for last 3-4 years. from last Roon update 1.7 then it does seem it’s not going to be a powerful enough machine for much longer. For me this plays fine but (with CPU & Core monitoring) then heavy Db items such as ‘Discover’ are not longer working with reasonable performance (some cores hitting 100% etc) 2min response time to Discover. Still playing ok though. Support don’t seem as particularly helpful as they have been in the past just stating the 269l is below spec. No data as to what they have changed that’s caused this performance issue etc,.

Have you upgraded to something else since this post? I’m wondering if a new processor running roon core and the 269L for Music files.

Am still running Roon on the same gear… and am still happy with it. I notice that at times response times are a bit longer on some functions… but still this is manageable. The discover function takes about 20 seconds to return first results, then 7-10 seconds on subsequent executions. My library has ‘only’ 2000 albums / 15,000 tracks though… perhaps yours is larger ?
Note that I have the Roon DB on a SSD disk. I trust this makes a huge difference for such things.

Hi Christian, thanks for taking the time to respond. Overall i would agree the performance is manageable (at least until the next Roon upgrade!). i too run Db on SSD and Files on Spinning disk (3K Albums, 41K Tracks) so a little larger. As I think I said, the music playing is pretty much interrupted even with multiple endpoints playing. Gets a little more stretched if i play HiRes tracks to multiple locations and is I do and DSD stuff. But all ok from a playing perspective and Roon is just very good at that. It’s mainly the discovery that takes the time so it’s that that causes the NAS Processor cores to get good usage as It’s (Im guessing here) going off and querying local and external Data sources. But leaving tidal but removing Qobuz from the ‘services’ options and cleaning up the Db has led to ok performance. Just a warning for me that i’m running out of processing capacity and to upgrade that is costly.

Thanks again for response.

Now I am starting to hit search performance issues too. The Roon search engine gets slower and slower… in spite of the ‘performance improvements’ that the latest versions of Roon supposingly bring. Perhaps we should open a ticket ?..

Hi Christian

Not sure how I can share this but here’s a screenshot of the ticket i raised. No real progression from support they just concentrate on things other than the SW release where it all started. Current situation i the it’s OK and useable but for me definitely something in the latest code release.

The changes where I did get effect where cleaning up the Db, removing Qobuz from the ‘services’ I stopped my lockdown trial, and then removing unwanted connections to the NAS like AFP and Samba. The later made the most difference as was grabbing memory and processor capacity. BTW I also think that it’s related to the control device too, ie always much slower on iPhone but regularly fast (sub second) on Laptop. And, regular re-starts of Roon Server on the NAS Just my feeling.

Perhaps you could read through and see if you have similar issue. and let me know your thoughts.

Roon’s 1.8 release has fixed the issue for me. The system performance is way better, and the time to connect to the core from my mobile phone has shrimmed down drastically.
Roon team, kudos for this great 1.8 release !!

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