Running Roon on Synology - would it benefit from a partioned-off SSD disk?

I’m thinking about partioning off one bay of my Synology DS1520+ for Roon as an SSD. It seems like a big thing to sacrifice a whole bay just for the Roon db, but is it worth it?

In principle, the database very much should be on an SSD for acceptable performance.

Your music files can be on spinning disks, but ideally the Roon database should be on an SSD. This one optimization can provide the single biggest improvement to Roon’s performance and user experience.

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Moving the internal database from spinning disc HDD to SSD is definitely worth it. The actual improvement is a bit depending on the size of your library and other factors but I would do it as is it also preventing your HDDs from going crazy.

You might not have to sacrifice one bay for an SSD. An external flash drive via USB3.2 should do the job. But go for the fastest one you can get. 64GB should do the job, 32 with a small library. With Synology it appears to be a bit more complicated to tell roon to place the database on that external volume (compared to Qnap and Asustor), but it seems to be possible.

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That’s one option, and it should improve Roon’s performance. Depending on the DB size, and whether 1520+ support it, adding M.2 cache to the Synology will have the same performance effect, and improve performance of other operations as well, without sacrificing a bay.

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