Running Ropieee on a NUC

Can I flash the image to a NUC HDD instead of a SSD? I’ve only done a Pi so far. does the NUC automatically recognize the image? Thanks.

Why do you want to install Ropieee on a NUC?

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Hi, @David_Burkholder this isn’t really a Roon software issue. Ropieee is third-party software and has its own forum section. Regarding trying to run the image on a NUC, that’ll be a no because a Raspberry Pi has a different (ARM) architecture, while a NUC is a standard PC x64 machine. The compiled packages aren’t compatible. Now there are ways to make this happen (QEMU on a NUC running Linux would probably get you there), but it’s quite a lot of hassle and not for the faint-hearted.


Ropieee supports Pi 3 and Pi 4 only (ARM architecture).

Your NuC is Intel / x86 architecture and Ropieee will not boot. If you want to turn your NuC into a Roon Endpoint you can install Linux and run RoonBridge.

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To over-engineer his system because he hasn’t had enough trouble with it.

Easiest way to turn a (Rock Compatible) NUC into a dedicated roon endpoint is to install ROCK on it.

If you already have a roon core - then you won’t be able to use the Roon Server becuae ypu won’t have a spare license. But the Roon Bridge will work fine - and you can still manage versions etc via the ROCK infrastructure.

Most NUCs are way over the top in term of processing power for this - but it will work - and it’s effortless and supported by Roon.

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Agreed, I’ve moved this topic to #audio-gear-talk:ropieee.

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RoPieee is arm only … just install on you Nuc Windows or a Linux distro (Ubuntu) then download and install the appropriate version of Roon Bridge

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I really want to understand the question from the OP.

Because I’ve asked myself that question before: is there a ‘need’ for a ‘RoPieee Server’ kind of thing that runs on a NUC and is able to run Roon next to LMS, a UPnP server etc.

Hi Spock,

I just want to run Roon on a NUC. Between ROCK and Roon Bridge…what is the better option?

Thanks…I bought the NUC for $85. I know it’s more then I need but cheaper then buying a $160 Raspberry Pi 4.


ROCK is better by a long shot. Why torture yourself?

Put ROCK on your $85 NUC and never think about it, again.

What model NUC do you have and how much RAM?

BTW - Roon Bridge dos not ‘run’ Roon. Its only use is as an endpoint. ROCK is Roon, so your question about which is better is confused.

I just read about ROCK. Basically I only need an endpoint. I have my Roon Core running on a i7 with 250GB SSD/500GB HDD. I have a Raspberry Pi 3B running Roon in the basement and I got the NUC to run as an endpoint in my living room (it was cheaper then a pi) The Nuc is a i3 with 4GB ram and a 250 GB HDD. It looks like I it needs a SSD so would be incompatible? Although I already have a core so making the NUC a Roon Core running on ROCK wouldn’t make sense. looks like my best option is to run the NUC as a bridge…Correct? Sorry if I am confusing as this is all new to me.

Ok, it’s a matter of terms.

To be strict, to run Roon Bridge on the NUC, you will to install an OS, either Windows or Linux, for Roon Bridge to run on.

The alternative is to install ROCK and, instead of using it as a Core, set it up as an endpoint.

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Thanks…Windows is on the NUC so looks like the easiest path.

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If it is a ROCK compatible NUC, then ROCK is a VERY easy install.

Or, you could install Roon Bridge for Windows 64 from the Roon Labs downloads page.

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