Running two Docker Containers on One RPI?

I have successfully installed the Logitech Deep Extension on a Raspbian RPi B+. It uses docker.

I now wish to install the Roon Extension Manager on the same RPi. I added another container and tried to run it a la the instructions, but it did not appear in Roon.

Now I’m trying to troubleshoot. Can I do this at all? Do I need to somehow combine everything in one container? If so, how does one do that?

Any help appreciated. PS the Logitech app is VERY nice!

Yes this should work, with every extension running in its own container.

What output do you get when running the following 2 commands?

docker images

docker ps -a

for the first cmd, I get hello-world, kahzul logitech, and appgineer, all with “latest” tags.

For the second, appgineer is restarting (1) 21 seconds ago.

Now about 2 minutes past, I rebooted Roon server, checked Extensions, and still only Khazul showing there, but operating fine.

Update: it seems as though Appgineer is perpetually in a “restarting” mode. Now it says 67 seconds ago.

For the Extension Manager image, “latest” is for amd64 not for ARM. You have to pull the arm32v6 tag

docker pull theappgineer/roon-extension-manager:arm32v6

You can stop the running container with:

docker stop roon-extension-manager

Followed by:

docker rm roon-extension-manager

Then you can create a new container:

docker run -d --network host --restart unless-stopped --name roon-extension-manager --hostname Docker -v roon-extensions:/root/.RoonExtensions/lib -e "TZ=<timezone>" theappgineer/roon-extension-manager:arm32v6

okay, gimme a minute.

Success, Jan. Thanks ever so much.

One question: using VNC, I copied and pasted the command line into the terminal window. Problem is that the paste must have had an ENTER character, because it executed it with the generic timezone being unset. How do I access that setting within docker?

Second question: since I had Logitech set up without Extension Mgr, should I stop and remove my existing container and re-establish it within EM?

Probably the easiest is to stop and remove the container once more, then prepare the docker run command in a text editor with the right timezone and then run that command.

Coincidentally the Extension Manager version I pushed online yesterday (v0.9.1) is prepared for the creation of Docker containers but the Repository doesn’t include Docker based extensions yet (also not sure if it will include the Deep Harmony extension). So there is no need to recreate the Deep Harmony container.