Russian sorting

Hi there,

I have plenty of music with Russian artist titles and work titles.
Much is even just classical music, so some music is found under Shostakovich, some under Шостакович.
Merging would lose a lot of the existing metadata I have. I don’t expect to be able to merge without losing it, that’s not my question. My question is just whether it can sort somewhere more useful than just the bottom of the alphabet. At the moment it all sits after Z.
Similarly, and this is a bit more unusual, I accept, Erlend Øye, who is Norwegian and whose name begins with ø, the 28th letter of the Norwegian alphabet, sorts under ‘O’, not after ‘Z’, where it should be… this one I would accept is not going to be popular request, but I would very much like to see expanded alphabet support if that’s possible. Norwegian is a rare language but Russian is not, and a huge amount of music is exists with Russian names or by Russian artists/composers.