Sabre DAC’s to integrate MQA rendering

This was posted back in May when it was first announced. The pre box S2 seems to be the most successful adopter. Are there any others?

The S2 DAC’s USB interface performs MQA decoding & rendering - not it’s ESS9038Q2M DAC chips.

The S2 DAC was also released in 2017, well before the 2018 ESS & MQA announcement linked in the opening post.

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Looks like there may be a crop of new devices that use Roon (or other software) to do the first unfold and then render. Like the Dragonflies.

So far the announcement are being applied to low end DAC chipsets, mostly aim for portable use.

I believe the difference is that the new chips require less work to support MQA rendering than the current ones.

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