SACD ISO albums not importing to Roon [Answered]

Hi all, this is my first post.

I’m considering moving from Jriver to Roon and currently testing.

I’ve imported all my library to Roon, they are all correct in Jriver but I have dozen of albums, mostly SACD ISO and once they are imported, or they don’t appear or they appear with a single track.

Any Idea how to solve this?


ISO’s need to be converted to DSF. There is another discussion on the topic at the moment.

Lots of info here:

This is not by convert is to Room support ISO, It’s quite strange a solution by U$ 500 that supposed to be the benchmark for audiophiles not able to handle ISO files. I have around 350 ISO albums and I’ll not spend additional $ to buy a 3rd part software to convert files. That’s too much for me.


I am just a user (who has no ISO files) trying to pass on a way to do things. You need to address your concerns to Roon. There maybe something on their to do list down the line, I honestly don’t know. I am sure they will give you the official line on the matter. :slight_smile:

Conversion software is freely available at no cost.

What’s the connection between iso and audiophiles, iso is just a container?

ISO to DSF is a free software package. You can even do batch conversions and it pulls metadata for the album/songs.

ISO has poor metadata support and is an archive format not a playback format.

Formats have nothing to do with Audiophile Benchmark.


Good morning. Is there an update on iso support ? I get the fact I can convert , and the software is free , and it’s a archive lol. Not really an archive but again it’s much more convient as iso. Any change in policy on this matter ?if it cannot happen ever please just say it and not dance around it. It’s ok roon rules period but would like to have a difintive answer plesee

There’s a large thread about this subject, including a statement from @Danny:

If there’s more to be said about the subject, I think it is wise to keep in it in one place. So while I will close this thread here, feel free to continue in the thread mentioned above.