SACD ISO and Roon

Hi everyone, is SACD ISO supported by Roon? If not, is there any plan to do so? Thanks.

Not ISOs. You’d need to convert to DSF.

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There has been much talk, (pressure) for this as one of the main competitors supports this . Equally CUE and FLAC ie single big file plus CUE sheet is not supported but is a very common rip format.

Currently in both cases some pre conversion is needed


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Checkout Brian’s post the the DSO ISO Support topic.

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Thanks guys, reason this subject piqued my interest again was that Cary DMS-500 just released a FW update allowing SACD ISO playing, so I thought Roon might have something coming too, I guess it’s not the case.

It’s trivial to convert them,


Thanks @Larry_Post, I have done a few myself, the Sonore file is a different and I must say cleaner gui front end linking back to the same sacd_extract.exe

Ripping ISOs is the way to go for the long run, but having the ability to read off ISO is a very convenient feature to have.