Core Machine
QNAP 8GB ram , 2TB SSD RAID, Intel processor/newest /newest.

Network Details
Dahua managed gigabit switch, Unify Pro AC access points, Microtick managed router, and fiberglass connection.

Audio Devices
Onkyo RZ 830, iPad Pro, Oneplus 5e

Description Of Issue
I do have more than 1.2 TB of SACD ISO albums and when I point the library folder with them all Roon only shows 3 albums … What can I do? In app it self everything looks ok.

Your problem is Roon does not recognise the ISO format. You would need to convert your collection to DSD for Roon to see it. Roon devs have chosen not to support ISO and this has been the cause of much discussion but they have not wavered. If you decide to proceed with Roon, your best option is to archive your ISO’s and batch convert them to DSD files in order to take advantage of the format. Only you can decide if it is worth the effort.

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I was in the same boat. The free ISO2DSD app allows album by album conversion. I did that for my collection and all play flawlessly on Roon now.

As Henry says, make sure you convert to .dsf with the “Convert DST to DSD” option ticked.

Keep the .ISOs as archive just in case.

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