SACD Rip DSF File out of phase?

I have ripped my SACD collection as dsf files when playing them via roon using an Oppo 205 as an endpoint via ethernet I lose the center image? I can play the SACD disc via the Oppo 205 and the center image returns I can also play a 24/48khz FLAC download and this is OK as well as the Qubuz 16/44.1. Is this a roon issue, an Oppo issue or a ripping issue?
Your thoughts please.

Oppo supports through Roon only Stereo…

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The SACD rip is a stereo file

Most probably this is an Oppo issue.

Do not qsk me why, but apparently there is is a generic problem with DSD and phase shifting.

A lot of dacs are making use of an Amanero USB input board . You also need to select/update in their firmware reverse phase for DSD.

Check with Oppo if there is a specific firmware available for reversed phase (-180)
DSD support

What you’re describing sounds like one channel is out of phase with respect to the other channel. My Oppo 105D, fed via Asus Tinkerboard (think RPi) does not appear to have this problem.

Try using Roon DSP Engine to convert DSD to PCM, see if you still have a center image problem.

Oppo 205 uses XMOS, not Amanero.

Thanks for the reply’s gentleman I will do another test later today using a RPi 4 set up as an endpoint running Roipeee and using a Kahdas Tone DAC connected via the USB input of the Oppo to see if I get a different result. I will report back later.

I think this is a ripping issue, but i am not sure. Did you use Sonore ISO2DSD and ripped over your network?

Hello Mikael
I used a Sony PlayStation to create an ISO file then used SACD Extract to create the dsf file

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OK I have the Oppo wired to the ethernet Roon can see the Oppo. When I stream a dsf file via ethernet and root the audio out the HDMI on the Oppo the phase is reversed?
When I stream the same dsf file again via the ethernet and let the Oppo decode it using its on board DAC and outputting on the RCA outputs the phasing is correct.
I also hooked up a RPi 4 running Roipeee this was connected to the Oppo via USB Audio in when streaming the same dsf file the phasing is correct, I was unable to route the audio out the OPPO using the HDMI out I could only get sound out the RCA’s out.
It is unclear what’s happening it appears that the Oppo is reversing the phase when the audio is routed into the Oppo via ethernet and out of the Oppo via HDMI, I have tried a different cable and also a different HDMI inputs on my AV processor but no change?
This would mean that roon is doing its job correctly and the problem lies with with the Oppo.
This would also mean that the dsf file phasing is correct.
If anyone has an Oppo 205 can I ask that you try streaming a dsf file via the ethernet input and via the HDMI output, grateful for your help on this matter.
Your thoughts are welcome

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I suggest you check your AV processor settings again, try another HDMI port, and/or factory reset it.

Does your AV processor identify the HDMI signal to be DSD on the front panel when it is out of phase?


The ethernet input on the Oppo has limitations it can only stream up to 192KHz PCM not DSD. Roon is transcoding the DSD stream to PCM this appears to be OK as when I route the audio via the RCA outputs of the Oppo the phase is correct its only out of phase when routing the audio via the HDMI audio out. The firmware on the Oppo is up to date and also the firmware on my processor is up to date. The Processor is a Mark Levinson 502 so will not recognize DSD date stream via the HDMI input only PCM or encoded Dolby tracks. The problem seems to be within the Oppo when streaming DSD data via the ethernet input and outputting it via the HDMI port?