Said good bye to my CD player, hello to a LPS

(simon arnold) #22

I always wanted one, had the Basik as my first turntable and loved it. infact had it until I got the ClearAudio and that was only 3 years ago.

(Martin Kelly) #23

There’s always room for vinyl IMO, however irrational. And although it doesn’t really ‘make sense’ in this day-and-age, it still moves me :grinning:

(simon arnold) #24

Yep I have a lot of LP’s that still sound better then their digital counterpart. Digital remastered is often a very dirty expression I find.

(Alan McMillan) #25

I’ve found that the LPs sound better because they haven’t been remixed and made louder for the kiddies who like to deafen themselves with earbuds. I’ve got some CDs/rips that are utterly dire because some idiot in a suit told a remastering engineer to make it sound “digital”.:roll_eyes:
The original “sound for LP” balance, on the LP, is always best and this is the beast I play them on.

(Mathias Bürgin) #26

You are right:+1:. For me it`s also a pleasure to play some vinyl from time to time - especially audiophile vinyl from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

Oh I forgot the beast:transrotor-dark-star-silver-shadow-plattenspieler-23837

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #27

Eight track anyone?