Said good bye to my CD player, hello to a LPS

Even though I still buy the shiny discs I cant remember the last time I popped one in my trusty Arcam Alpha 7. I use them for ripping and then in the car. I just bought a new Linear PSU for my ROCK and needed the space in my rack as its ffffing huge, bigger than the PC its powering :). Any way I think I noticed a slight change but nothing to sing home about, slightly tighter bass and less toppy. Both I am happy with but sure if its placebo or not. Will have to swap it out for the SMPS to see if I notice a change going back.

I can’t remember that last time I used my SACD player since getting a network player. It really should go :disappointed_relieved:

To paraphrase “Rag and Bone” by the White Stripes…

I’ll give it a good home… :wink:

Kidding. I probably couldn’t afford it.

Its going in my Attic for safe keeping as a back up. You never know when it might make a return.

I’ve said that so many times.
My attic is now full, and my roof is now at risk of falling-in :wink:


I was just going for the laugh. I do the same thing. I’ve still got a minidisc deck in case that format ever rebounds.

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I haven’t touched a CD in 15 years. My daughter does’t even know about the existance of such a thing. Back in the day everyone called me crazy. I still have my old desktop from 15 years ago and guess what, it sounds exactly the same as my latest PC.

Now we ARE talking vintage!
Give it another year, and it’ll make a comeback. After all, if that CRAZY stuff called ‘Vinyl’ can do it, anything can!

Don’t all millennials think that CDs are beer mats!?

My millennials know what they are. They have thrown them all away though. Spotify and Alexa.

Yeah I have a graveyard of redundant video, audio and networking gear. Should start a stall and sell it off really.

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Yep got one of those to.

You know you want to…! :wink:

There are times I want to put a disc in my Oppo (Blu-ray w/some audio and video), test a CD-R, compare CD player to ripped version from Roon, etc. but in general I only use discs as the source for ripping to Roon.

I also play vinyl and thought LPS was LPs :slight_smile:

With all the digital music on Roon I do want to tweak my system with something like Ultrarendu & LPS and perhaps a better DAC.

The only rebound that a minidisc device should be doing is from the bottom of a skip when you chuck it in there! :slight_smile: Minidisc and DCC were two formats I just ignored hoping they would go away, which in due course they did.
I haven’t played a CD for about 2 years now since getting serious with digital playback.

I second that. I think once you get into server/computer based audio in a big way, and especially with a good endpoint and Roon, CD playback falls by the wayside.

I haven’t played a CD in about eight years although I still have them all as my ultimate backup in the event that Roon throws a total wobbly. I found that streaming the rip of a CD sounded better than the CD itself, better, tighter bass being the most obvious improvement. I assume that since there was no spinning disc to contend with, there was no error correction going on to muck up the sound. Now, aside from the one in my PC, I don’t even have a CD player anymore although I do have a f***off turntable, but that’s a different story!:wink:

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Yeah I still have my ClearAudio Concept for Vinyl that’s going nowhere.

That there is my aspirational turntable. Someday…

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I still love my Linn LP12. I dunno why? I’ve had it for thirty-years now, and it will probably follow me to the grave. Compared to my digital playback system, it’s a PIA to use. But I’ll never get rid of it.
Irrational? Yep. But I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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