Same Artist - 2 albums - show up as seperate artist en double name....?

Hi @Roony. Thanks for this report. Please would you confirm:

  1. Whether or not both links take you to the same place?
  2. Whether you have one or two "Paul O’Brien"s in your Artist Browser?


  1. no
  2. I have two only in the overview or when I tag them.
    Ik have tried everything to rename the tages, remove the cache enz enz

Hi, I’m not sure that we’re speaking the same language :slight_smile:

To clarify, each of these takes you to a different screen?

And what do you mean by “Overview” screen? What do you see when you go to the Artists screen from the main menu?

By artist i get this:

click on left name:

click on right name:

When I serch on name there are 2 the samen names

Can you select both artists in the Artist browser, and select “Merge Artists” ?

Edit: ^ that will work for the moment, but it also looks like there’s some bad metadata here, so we’re going to submit a correction as well. Thanks for the report!

Hi @Roony. It turns out that Rovi has assigned two different "Paul O’Brien"s to the “Long May You Sing” release. I think this is the main culprit. However, I also note that we appear not to have any metadata for “Walk Back Home”. I’ve let Rovi know.

So, when I use Prefer File it does not work?