Sample Rate Conversion and CPU Usage

I have been playing around with upsampling my music on playback and noticed the occasional drop out, mostly with upsampling to DSD128.

I use a HP Z840 computer for my core that has 32GB RAM and 2 x Xeon CPUs with a total of 16 cores (32 virtual) running at 2.1GHz.

When I monitor CPU usage I notice that upsampling MAX PCM RATE (2x) it hardly makes a blip on my CPU usage, upsampling to DSD however uses around 50% of a single core only. So first question, is it correct that upsampling is assigned to a single core always or is that changeable?

As the dropouts seem to occur when upsampling to DSD128, I assume at some point the CPU core it is using is hit with another task and causing the drop out, correct or?

I notice also when I click on the Signal Path indicator that when upsampling to maximum PCM it runs at 21x, whereas upsampling to DSD runs at 2x or thereabouts, so clearly DSD upsampling is more taxing, but I would have thought my machine had enough resources (ie GRUNT) to handle it?

Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator?

You lost me???

Sorry got you…mine is set to 5th Order (CLANS)…why? That was the default.

Further down in the picture.

Oh I see, MULTIPLE CORES! Thank you!

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