Sample rate conversion for an Android Roon endpoint

I had define my android S22 Ultra phone as one more Roon end point.
Can stream audio succesfuly via this endpoint.
When trying to set rate conversion (under DSP settings) for that end point (as i do with othe endpoints) I get only the darken “for comprtsbility” option. Cannot do upscaling as with my other endpoint, iFi zen stream.

Please advice.

Android devices are limited to the Android System audio which more often is a fixed rate and all audio will be resampled by default by the OS. Roon will automatically resample to the rate Android OS tells Roon this is as it’s better quality than Androids own resampling. So you cannot set any other resampling as the devices do not necessarily support them without bespoke drivers to bypass Android audio limitations. Some apps do this but they are few and far between in the overall scheme.

Thanks for the quick reply

Android devices are NOT limited to the Android System audio!

Other apps can play high resolution audio successfully on Android, like the USB Audio Player PRO:

Check the list of devices they support with high sample rates and therefore better sound quality compared to the Roon app!

They do it for the internal DACs and for external USB DACs - and they do this since 10 years!

It’s really time for Roon to implement a better audio driver for their Android app to keep up!

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By default they do, it has to be bypassed and not many apps do. Tidal only recently managed to add support for dacs but it didn’t work on my Pixel 4. I have had UAPP for years it works ok but would be intermittent dependant on the phone and DAC I had. They have to constantly update and fix issues. Roon is taking the path of least support follow the system audio which is Android Os default path. Things may change if mobile becomes a thing who knows. UAPP is a small app on one OS. Adding in all the new devices is a full time task I imagine. Roon has different priorities and is across multiple platforms.

When I use TWS earphones with LDAC codec, Roon streams 24/96 to Android app, so it recognizes what BT codec is in use. I read since android 10 the OS supports hires files, so maybe it’s time for Roon devs to do something in that matter?

Dear Slawomir, could you please share a snip where you see that you really get 24/96 at the end of the audio path on your Android device with TWS earphones with the LDAC codec?

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