Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Roon APP

It never gets past the intro screen. It says ROON then shuts off.

Any ideas?

Looks like it won’t work w/ the TAB 4, that’s a bummer.

Strange - I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (SM-T530) which works just fine

I don’t know what I can do to get it working on mine. I’ve reinstalled it and restarted the device. No luck.

Specs should be sufficient because mine runs. What OS are you running ? Kit Kat (4.4) or later ? Tried side loading APK ?

Pretty sure it’s 4.4

Annoying - not sure what else to suggest from a technical standpoint

I’m going to try and reinstall the OS and see if that helps. It’s pretty much the only use I have for this tablet.

Good luck - I hope it works out. Mine is a little slow in Discovery, but other than that works well

So mine is a SM-T230nu " 7 inch" possibly why yours was working and mine was not. Both of the tablets I have don’t work with Roon. Original iPad mini and the Tab 4. Both pretty recent devices. Would be great to see a simpler version of Roon so I could use these devices as dedicated remotes.

Ah yes, mine is they 10in version, so that may well explain it in terms of screen real estate. Its a shame, but I went through the same process until I could find a tablet that was compatible yet cheap enough. Good luck

If it will let you install then you may be able to get it to work. I’ve have a similar issue with abrupt force closing, usually just reopening, is swipe from recent apps and open works. Try clearing the app data and see if that helps

Same thing here… ROON screen then nothing. Uninstalled and installed ROON twice.

Should I give up? My version is 4.4.2 (KitKat).

A real bummer man.