Samsung Galaxy View: Works Fine

After a couple of hours of experience, I find the app has been working fine so far on the recent Samsung Galaxy View. Slight hiccups in smoothness when scrolling through large lists of albums, but otherwise fine.


Two questions:

  1. Do you get more content on screen or does everything just scale to be larger.

  2. with the benefit of hindsight would you buy it again?

Judging from the screenshot (photo? ;-)), there’s more content on the screen. The same screen compared with my iPad mini 2 and MacBook Pro 15" (Artist highlights / Album highlights):

Big-ass Samsung: 6 / 8
MBP 15": 5 / 7
iPad mini 2: 3 / 5

On the latter two ‘Allow for more covers and photos’ is set to Yes.

Show more pictures is not turned on here. Yes, I would buy it again.

Thanks Todd